City of Longueuil


City of Longueuil A Lighting Master Plan for the historic core of Longueuil The development of the Lighting Master Plan aims to enrich the visitor experience, create an attractive place and boost the night-time economy of the historic and symbolic core of Vieux-Longueuil. The lighting strategy highlights the [...]

Mural of Leonard Cohen


Mural of Leonard Cohen A tribute made with light Remaining for a long time in the shadows, the mural of the Montreal singer-songwriter Léonard Cohen was illuminated with a diffused light that highlights his hand in his heart. Adorning the wall of a building on the famous [...]

Place Bonaventure


Place Bonaventure Illuminate a monumental building located at the entrance to downtown Montreal Located in a sector enclosed by the highway, the lighting of Place Bonaventure, a brutalist monumental building, helps revitalize the entrance to the city south of Montreal. The project completes the nocturnal panorama of Montreal [...]

Cinéma Les Lumières


Cinéma Les Lumières Sparkles The facade of the Les Lumières cinema finds a sparkling dynamism through this light installation which marks its entrance. The interaction of light with the facade cladding material creates plays of light that vary according to the axis of observation, and therefore become magical. [...]

Sénat, Fontaine Médicis, Paris – Jardin du Luxembourg


Sénat, Fontaine Médicis, Paris - Jardin du Luxembourg Reverie and romance Then from the darkness emerges the silhouette of a facade which is revealed for a glance. The light sets the scene for the monument through play of accents, light and shadows, and differences in color. The water [...]

Sénat, Escalier de la Paix


Sénat, Escalier de la Paix Pictorial heritage Lighting the "Peace Staircase" in the Senate precinct is not just about lighting it up. The light enhances the pictorial work of Lucien Simon clading the walls and ceiling. The integration of the miniaturized luminaires was a major challenge which allows [...]

Sainte-Agnès Church


Sainte-Agnès Church 3rd Place High Budget Structure Category on Darc Awards 2016, International Dark-Sky Award Exterior Lighting – Quebec Built at the beginning of the 20th century, this church is a recognized religious heritage by the Ministry of Culture and Communications of Quebec. The illumination highlights, through [...]

The College of Montreal


The College of Montreal Heritage Building, Educational Institution The College of Montreal is an educational institution located on a Canadian National and Historic site. Within the frame of the Master Plan, the illumination compliments the entrance and the rotary. The lighting reveals the architectural details, the [...]

Work of Art “Source”


Work of Art "Source" Monumental Sculpture, Montreal City Entrance, Tribute to the Cultural Diversity Created by the famous Catalan artist, Jaume Plensa, this sculpture represents the roots and the multicultural identity of Montreal. The lighting is applied creatively through playing with a contrast of illumination on [...]

Work of Art “Dendrites”


Work of Art "Dendrites" Monumental Sculpture, Montreal City Entrance Created by French-Canadian artist Michel de Broin, this monumental sculpture recalls large tree trunks with their branch networks. Composed of two parts, the work is made of corten steel that recalls the industrial past of the site. The [...]