Place Sainte-Foy


Place Sainte-Foy Contemporary Commercial Center As a uniquely important commercial space in Quebec City, the Place Sainte-Foy has a newly refined and a contemporary design. The lighting master plan brings a new experience for visitors of the commercial center that is more dynamic in both the [...]

Starlight Casino


Starlight Casino Illumination of a Casino As a place of entertainment, the application of lighting in this casino plays an important role in the ambience. The application of custom-made lighting fixtures and installations offers an opportunity to create a unique and inviting environment. The playful atmosphere is reflected [...]

The Botanist Restaurant


The Botanist Restaurant Grande Cafe by Way of the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver The lighting of this restaurant located in Vancouver offers a pleasant and comfortable setting in a space that is modern and contemporary. This establishment includes a reception area, a bar, relaxing lounge areas and [...]