Humaniti A Major Real Estate Project in the Heart of Montreal Located in the heart of the "Quartier international de Montréal", the Humaniti complex is a major project in downtown. With nearly 40 floors including rental apartments, condominiums, offices, hotel, bars and restaurants, the lighting includes both [...]

Place Sainte-Foy


Place Sainte-Foy Contemporary Commercial Center As a uniquely important commercial space in Quebec City, the Place Sainte-Foy has a newly refined and a contemporary design. The lighting master plan brings a new experience for visitors of the commercial center that is more dynamic in both the [...]

Ville-Marie Tower


Ville-Marie Tower Illumination of a Montreal icon, Awarded Lighting Control by IES Montreal in 2017 - Light Emitted to the Sky Close to Zero Designed by the famous architects I. M. Pei and Henry N. Cobb, with its cruciform tower and light beam that rotates 360 degrees, Place [...]

Sportcheck Retail


Sportcheck Retail Illumination of the Sportcheck Shop Architectural Facade SportCheck is a retail chain dedicated to sporting garments and equipment. Located in the corner of two major streets in Vancouver’s downtown, the lighting design reveals the unique character of the contemporary facade made of glass. The interior [...]

Starlight Casino


Starlight Casino Illumination of a Casino As a place of entertainment, the application of lighting in this casino plays an important role in the ambience. The application of custom-made lighting fixtures and installations offers an opportunity to create a unique and inviting environment. The playful atmosphere is reflected [...]

1000 De La Gauchetière


1000 De La Gauchetière Illuminate a Montreal Emblem, Post-modern Architecture Standing at more than 50 stories, the silhouette of the 1000 De La Gauchetère stands out in the landscape of Montreal. This iconic post-modern building hosts offices, events, and conferences. The lighting enhances the verticality and imposing [...]

The Botanist Restaurant


The Botanist Restaurant Grande Cafe by Way of the Pacific Northwest, Vancouver The lighting of this restaurant located in Vancouver offers a pleasant and comfortable setting in a space that is modern and contemporary. This establishment includes a reception area, a bar, relaxing lounge areas and [...]

Bank of Desjardins


Bank of Desjardins Received an Award from the IES-Montreal, 2007 Located in downtown Sainte-Marie, in the Chaudière-Apalache region of Quebec, the illumination of the Caisse Desjardins highlights its architectural features which adds value to the overall branding of the financial institution.The illumination was realized in metal halide, [...]

Caisse Populaire


Caisse Populaire Received an Award from the IES-Montreal, 2009 Located in the city of Saint-Georges, Quebec, the lighting of the Caisse Populaire enhances the volume and entrance of the building. The project utilizes colour changing RGB lighting and allows the tuning of lighting according to events. [...]