City of Longueuil


City of Longueuil A Lighting Master Plan for the historic core of Longueuil The development of the Lighting Master Plan aims to enrich the visitor experience, create an attractive place and boost the night-time economy of the historic and symbolic core of Vieux-Longueuil. The lighting strategy highlights the [...]

Zibi District


Zibi District The Lighting Master Plan of Zibi District is part of the urban renewal of this part of the city joining Gatineau to Ottawa caractrized by industrial and natural elements. The project includes various goals regarding aesthetic, economic, local and environmental aspects. The main point is [...]

Mural of Leonard Cohen


Mural of Leonard Cohen A tribute made with light Remaining for a long time in the shadows, the mural of the Montreal singer-songwriter Léonard Cohen was illuminated with a diffused light that highlights his hand in his heart. Adorning the wall of a building on the famous [...]

Solar Tower Noor III


Solar Tower Noor III One of the largest solar station in the world, Illumination of a tower in the desert Located in the middle of the desert, this tower, which is nearly 250 metres high serves to collect energy, is located in the seventh (7th) largest thermodynamic solar [...]

Vaiduct of the Duplessis highway


Vaiduct of the Duplessis highway An infrastructure for a ceremonial journey As part of the reconstruction of the Chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois overpass by the Ministère des transports du Québec (MTQ),the illumination is part of the "Official Ceremonial Route" enhancement. The light helps to restore the image of the [...]

Pont du RER


Pont du RER "And I see the train go by" By spanning the Departmental Route 991 - the structuring axis of Rueil-Malmaison - the railway bridge of the RER A line marks this entrance to the city. The lighting enhances and highlights its metal structure with spotlights installed [...]

Viaduct, Ontario Street


Viaduct, Ontario Street A Viaduct in Montreal The Viaduct Ontario’s architectural lighting design supports the transition of the street lighting from traditional sources to LEDs. Playing with the rhythm of the structure, the illumination improves the safety and functionality of the road for vehicular, bicycle and pedestrian [...]

Heritage infrastructures for the Capital City of Canada


Heritage Infrastructures for the Capital City of Canada Project Contest, Dynamise and Secure Heritage Infrastructure, With 2,000 pedestrians, runners and cyclists crossing the structure every day, the illumination brings safety, interest, and rhythm to this heritage infrastructure. Light plays with the geometry of the structural design and [...]

Champlain Bridge


Champlain Bridge Illuminating Montreal’s 3.4 km New Federal Bridge, Main Entrance of the City of Montreal With a length of 3.4 km and more than 50 million vehicles passing through each year, the Champlain Bridge is one of the busiest in North America. The lighting design of [...]