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Project Description

Champlain Bridge

Illuminating Montreal’s 3.4 km New Federal Bridge, Main Entrance of the City of Montreal

With a length of 3.4 km and more than 50 million vehicles passing through each year, the Champlain Bridge is one of the busiest in North America. The lighting design of the new Champlain Bridge gives a signature to the main entrance of Montreal. The lighting of this federal bridge considers the following: light pollution, the visual impact, the performance and the cohabitation of the various circulation including vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. This new governmental infrastructure of Canada is a world-class corridor and represents a new symbol for the city that will light up at night.

Infrastructure Canada

Roche Itée, Groupe-Conseil, génie routier et mobilité durable. Crédit photo: Infrastructure Canada

Place, Date
Montreal, Canada, Preliminary Study 2014