City of Longueuil


City of Longueuil A Lighting Master Plan for the historic core of Longueuil The development of the Lighting Master Plan aims to enrich the visitor experience, create an attractive place and boost the night-time economy of the historic and symbolic core of Vieux-Longueuil. The lighting strategy highlights the [...]

Zibi District


Zibi District The Lighting Master Plan of Zibi District is part of the urban renewal of this part of the city joining Gatineau to Ottawa caractrized by industrial and natural elements. The project includes various goals regarding aesthetic, economic, local and environmental aspects. The main point is [...]

Vaiduct of the Duplessis highway


Vaiduct of the Duplessis highway An infrastructure for a ceremonial journey As part of the reconstruction of the Chemin des Quatre-Bourgeois overpass by the Ministère des transports du Québec (MTQ),the illumination is part of the "Official Ceremonial Route" enhancement. The light helps to restore the image of the [...]

Place Bonaventure


Place Bonaventure Illuminate a monumental building located at the entrance to downtown Montreal Located in a sector enclosed by the highway, the lighting of Place Bonaventure, a brutalist monumental building, helps revitalize the entrance to the city south of Montreal. The project completes the nocturnal panorama of Montreal [...]

Pont du RER


Pont du RER "And I see the train go by" By spanning the Departmental Route 991 - the structuring axis of Rueil-Malmaison - the railway bridge of the RER A line marks this entrance to the city. The lighting enhances and highlights its metal structure with spotlights installed [...]

Sénat, Fontaine Médicis, Paris – Jardin du Luxembourg


Sénat, Fontaine Médicis, Paris - Jardin du Luxembourg Reverie and romance Then from the darkness emerges the silhouette of a facade which is revealed for a glance. The light sets the scene for the monument through play of accents, light and shadows, and differences in color. The water [...]

Siège social Crédit Agricole Brie Picardie


Siège social Crédit Agricole Brie Picardie Paced residential facade The lighting of the new Crédit Agricole Brie-Picardie head office echoes the neighboring residential lights. A rhythm of light animates the construction, carrying its architectural vocabulary borrowed from the formal codes of residential housing. The poetic lighting of the [...]

Chanel Siège Social


Chanel Siège Social Reflections When creating Chanel's new Research & Development center in Pantin, design and lighting engineering worked hand in hand to achieve a lighting design adapted to the different spaces' typology by integrating quality and visual comfort, considering sustainable and environmental criteria with the implementation of [...]

Place du Belvédère, Fort D’Issy


Place du Belvédère, Fort D'Issy Rosettes of light The belvedere esplanade located in the heart of the new eco-district of the city of Issy-les-Moulineaux benefits from lighting that combines identity, atmosphere, user comfort and visual comfort. Light animations appear on the ground, carrying the life of the esplanade. [...]