City of Longueuil


City of Longueuil A Lighting Master Plan for the historic core of Longueuil The development of the Lighting Master Plan aims to enrich the visitor experience, create an attractive place and boost the night-time economy of the historic and symbolic core of Vieux-Longueuil. The lighting strategy highlights the [...]

Zibi District


Zibi District The Lighting Master Plan of Zibi District is part of the urban renewal of this part of the city joining Gatineau to Ottawa caractrized by industrial and natural elements. The project includes various goals regarding aesthetic, economic, local and environmental aspects. The main point is [...]

Sénat, Fontaine Médicis, Paris – Jardin du Luxembourg


Sénat, Fontaine Médicis, Paris - Jardin du Luxembourg Reverie and romance Then from the darkness emerges the silhouette of a facade which is revealed for a glance. The light sets the scene for the monument through play of accents, light and shadows, and differences in color. The water [...]

Montmagny Waterfall


Montmagny Waterfall Linked to shipyards, fishing, and transports, these pools and waterfall are part of the economic life of the Montgamy Region. The illumination brings a second life to the nocturnal landscape by creating interesting viewing opportunities for the people. The light reflects on the various elements [...]

Urban Promenade, Bonaventure Highway


Urban Promenade, Bonaventure Highway Illuminating a Major City Entrance of Montreal As a major city entrance of south downtown Montreal, the transformation of the Bonaventure Expressway into a prestigious urban boulevard led to the illumination of urban walkways and urban art pieces. Inaugurated on the city's 375th [...]

Towers of the Effet-Mer Project


Towers of the Effet-Mer Project Highlight the Edge of the Ocean Located on the edge of the ocean, the towers of the Effet-Mer project offer views of the famous Percé Rock and embellish the promenade for the tourists. The delicate lighting takes into account the respect of [...]

Samuel de Champlain Riverbanks


Samuel de Champlain Riverbanks On the riverside of Saint-Lawrence River, A Major Urban Park in Quebec City Along the St. Lawrence River in Quebec City, the Samuel de Champlain Parkway is a major legacy of the Government of Quebec. This important area required the updating of [...]

Park of the Faubourgs, Borders of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, Notre-Dame-de-Guadalupe Church


Park of the Faubourgs, Borders of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, Notre-Dame-de-Guadalupe Church Illumination of Montreal's City Entrance Located at a major entrance to Montreal city through the Jacques-Cartier bridge, the Faubourgs Park and the church Notre-Dame-de-Guadalupe are illuminated at night. The soft and harmonious illumination plays with warm [...]

Lighting Master Plan for the City of Terrebonne


Lighting Master Plan for the City of Terrebonne Lighting Master Plan, Park This lighting master plan for a park, located in Terrebonne in the Province of Quebec, includes a variety of sporting facilities and fields, pedestrian and cycling pathways, a bridge, and the surrounding road network. [...]