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Project Description

Jacques-Cartier Bridge

Exterior Lighting Award IES Montreal 2017, Award for Design Excellence AZ Awards Toronto 2018, Award of Excellence IESNA Boston 2018

A monumental architectural icon, the Jacques-Cartier Bridge now has a distinct luminous signature in the Montreal landscape. Inaugurated on the 150th anniversary of the Conference du Canada and the 375th anniversary of Montreal, the illumination of the bridge is a symbol of Montreal designers’ creativity. The bridge is the first and one of a kind because of the interactivity and programming. Using the most advanced lighting technologies, the lighting scenes give rhythm to the seasons, traffic and festivities.

For the design and the realization of this monumental and innovative project several companies have collaborated together. The group Ombrages was involved in the development of the overall concept, the design and the implementation of the illumination of the “heart” of the work of art. The firm collaborated in the pre-project, detailed design and execution follow-up phases. Its engineering division carried out the technical and regulatory feasibility study, as well as the detailed development of technical aspects (lighting equipment, electrical connections, control system, attachments, etc.). The team also provided support to engineers during the production of plans and specifications, and site monitoring.

Les Ponts Jacques Cartier et Champlain Incorporée (PJCCI)

Moment Factory, Ambiances Design Productions, Atomic 3, Ombrages, Lucion Média, UDO Design, Réalisations

Place, Date
Montreal, Canada, 2017