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Project Description

Novotel Vaugirard

Lighting of Novotel Vaugirard hotel and its many common areas such as the exterior, the lobby and atrium, the restaurant, an independent café, the “roof top” which includes café and lounge spaces, the terrace and a “nest “sort of private room. The project also takes into account the suites and meeting rooms; it stands out in particular thanks to the “nest” ilumination, visible on the exterior facade which creates a landmark in the skyline.

All the lighting on the project can be modulated, the general lighting is variable in intensity to create specific atmospheres day and night. In all the interior spaces, cozy and warm color temperatures were favored in coherence with the environment and the hospitality industry.




Éclairage/Lighting: Dynalighting

Lieu, date
Paris, France, 2020-2021