Hôtel Mercure, Porte de Versailles (Atrium)2021-03-17T21:02:47+00:00

Project Description

Hôtel Mercure, Porte de Versailles (Atrium)

This majestic space, adorned with a glass roof, and forming a closed patio, has been redesigned with illuminating balloons, a wink to the hot air balloons theme from the turn of the century.

The facades were wraped with a veil of projected images of hot air balloons; the sun’s rays moving through the glass roof, foliage revealing the structure of the nave in the background and arches where visitors can be seen moving.

On either side, strokes of warm light highlights the edges of the building to ponctuate the verticality of the place while warming the atmosphere.

Variable in intensity, the space is therefore flexible adapting to the events and times of the day, to favor the functional aspect as well as supporting the scenography.

Maitrise d’ouvrage : Accorinvest


Maitrise d’œuvre conception : Agence Laurent Maugoust

Maitrise d’œuvre d’exécution : CITTI Architecture

Éclairage/Lighting: Dynalighting

Lieu, date
Paris, France, 2020