Monumental staircase | Trois-Rivières


The City of Trois-Rivières launched its largest ever urban development project in 2011 awarding Ombrages and Urbanex a contract to redevelop the south gateway to the city’s historic district that included Place Pierre-Boucher (phase 1) and Place du Flambeau (phase 2). The project entailed creating two public areas to showcase the remarkable historic elements of the site. A ribbon marks a suggested walking path through the site for visitors, bringing the sites historical features together in a distinctive and appealing manner. Ombrages illuminated the walking path along with the historic elements to keep the area alive and welcoming in all seasons, during the day and at night. The majestic staircase was also illuminated using a contactless LED system powered by electromagnetic induction. The risers on the staircase are engraved with inscriptions depicting the history of Trois-Rivières. The visual effect of the ribbon in movement is controlled using a DMX512 system with two independent universes. The main challenge was to create a strong visual impact through the illumination of a monumental structure and integrate the LED modules into the structure all the while ensuring control over light pollution.


  • 客户端

    Ville de Trois-Rivières

  • 时间轴

    Summer 2013

  • 位置

    Trois-Rivières, QC

  • 合作

    Urbanex, Pluritec

  • 奖项

    Prix lumière 2013 – IES Montréal