Casino de Montréal – Landscape

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Ombrages developed a lighting design concept to highlight the Casino and its environment while creating a unique experience for people: the promenades/pathways, trees, poles, ponds, fountains, access and roundabout, they have all been integrated into the design concept featuring modern, original, sparkling and luxury lighting. The underlying idea is to entertain casino patrons with interactive and dynamic lighting effects and extend the “chic-glamour” aura of the casino to the main entrance way. Every single access to the casino has been designed from a human perspective, with low-height LED lighting fixtures to maintain safe illumination without compromising the nocturnal view of the casino. With its spectacular new design and architecture that have been completely rethought and enhanced, the Casino showcases the gaming area with the focus on entertainment.


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    Fall 2013

  • Collaboration

    Groupe IBI, DAA