Ombrages 3.0

Friday February 5th, 2016

Ombrages team (including Eclairage Public) is thrilled to unveil the fruit of his last month of work: a version 3.0 of our company officially takes office today.
Ombrages, Lighting designer and engineering firm, left the group Norda Stelo (formerly Roche Ltd.) to expand its markets and accelerate its international expansion.
Our company continues its current mandates and projects with its strong team, always animated by the same passion that made Ombrages u.

Why Ombrages 3.0?
1.0 – Creation of FBG-Ombrages studio Beauceville in 1999 by Medhi Laieb
2.0 – Ombrages is sold to Roche Ltd in 2008 (Medhi Laieb remain manager of the lighting division inside the Roche Group)
3.0 – Repurchase of Ombrages by its Founder in February 2016

Our design studios in Montreal and Quebec are moving now, Vancouver will be moving to its new office at the end of February.
At the same time, we will officially open our new design studio in Casablanca, Morocco in April 2016.
We are proud to welcome you in the new era of Ombrages !!

Mehdi Laieb CEO-Founder CEO of Ombrages

See our video here

OMBRAGES 3.0 from Mindsoul Production on Vimeo.