About Us

Ombrages creates outstanding lighting and ambiance through the play of light and shade. With our lighting concepts, we focus on highlighting building structures and architectural visuals.

The Ombrages team consists of international lighting designers, interior designers, scenographers, urban planners, architectural and heritage building specialists, as well as electrical engineers who specialize in lighting.

Our design and engineering team uses state-of-the-art software, tools and lighting products for all our projects.

Our company features a diverse team of people, making us unique in Canada.

We work collaboratively with clients with a focus on developing comprehensive, custom solutions.

Mehdi Laieb

Principal Lighting Designer | Founder of Ombrages

Mehdi studied automobile engineering and design in Paris at the start of his career. His passion for art and architecture then led him to the École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Paris. Designing automobile headlights was what launched his career as a lighting designer. He now has 25 years of experience in the field of lighting design.

Gilles Arpin

Principal Lighting Designer | Founder of Éclairage Public

Gilles is dedicated to the public light and finds inspiration in the entertainment and event management industries, in which he evolved before. His environmental and perceptive approach suggests the implementation of strategies aiming nocturnal appropriation of public space.

Amine Bouimadaghane

Electrical Engineer | Lighting Designer

Amine specializes in lighting engineering and offers state-of-the-art expertise in lighting control, photometric calculations and electricity. He has excellent knowledge of lighting source technologies including LED products. As the engineer with signing authority, he is in charge of quality control for the team.

Dominique Mercier

Lighting Designer | Designer and Electrical Technician

Dominique specializes in working with architects and designers on the architectural integration of lighting components. With her design experience, she is adept at creating designs for very specific environments. Dominique also contributes to electrical design specifications, planning and budgeting.

Joëlle Plamondon

Lighting Designer | Urban planning

With more than 10 years’ urban planning experience, Joelle has the know-how to develop precise ways of integrating lighting into the environment using creative and advanced lighting concepts. She channels her multidisciplinary experience into coordinating work teams on large projects while focussing on ensuring architectural integration.

Julien Bonenfant

Lighting Design | Technician

Julien knows the lighting and electrical distribution industry in Canada as well as in France where he began his career. His experience in lighting product specification and photometric calculations are deployed as part of the lighting engineering component of every project.

Claude Alarie

Lighting Designer | Programmer

Claude has an experience in design and lighting directing in the entertainment industry. He applies this expertise to urban and architectural lighting by using dynamic light and technical innovations to animate and reveal the nocturnal environment. Claude is the DMX specialist.

Jason Nicholls

Lighting Designer/Technician

Through years of experience as a photography lighting specialist, and with a passion for architectural design and a degree in Industrial Design at Emily Carr University of Art & Design, Jason brings a unique and fresh perspective to lighting design through 3D spacial modeling, problem solving, and creative thinking.

Samuel Champagne

Architectural and Lighting Technician

Samuel is an outgoing, creative and dynamic architecture and lighting technologist. As he recently completed a 3 years college diploma in architecture, he have excellent foundational knowledge of current practices in architecture and a good understanding of construction legislation, regulations and codes.

Khadija Bennis

Lighting Designer - Toronto Studio Manager

Khadija’s background as an interior designer and keen understanding of volumes allow her to paint spaces with light to sublime and reveal the 4th dimension of architecture both for interior and exterior projects that are energy efficient and
aesthetically spotless.